Sunday, September 30, 2007

So Happy to Find This KAL

Hi everyone, I was so pleased to find this blog and be able to join the KAL. As soon as I saw the Mr. GreenJeans pattern at Knitty I fell in love with it and want to make it for my daughter in law and then myself as well. She is small - 33inch bust so it's such a pleasure to knit for her.

Today, I made up a gauge swatch for the yarn I'm going to use for my daughter in law, Tamra's, Mr. Greenjeans sweater. She doesn't like to spend a lot of time on hand washing knits so I chose a machine washable yarn called Olympic from New York Yarns. It is 70% acrylic and 30% wool. Even though it was quite inexpensive ($3.50 a skein from Knitting Warehouse) it is very nice. It is soft but not too soft and I got the correct gauge of 4.5 sts per inch with a size 8 (American) needle.

It is a single ply yarn and has a nice loft to it and the color is nice - very dimensional with lots of color interplay rather than one flat color. Hopefully, Tamra will like this color - it is kind of an army drab green but is very pleasing in person and she likes colors like this.

Perhaps I'll get a chance to cast on for it tomorrow. I do have tons of housework and laundry to catch up on as we've been staying in our trailer for three weeks while my husband started his new job in Questa, New Mexico!

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Friday, September 28, 2007

Greetings and salutations

Heya folks, just a quick HI...I was thrilled to find a KAL for this pattern. I'm currently in the yarn decidage phase...I'm waffling between the Miss Priss, Blue Moon's Twisted and Fleece Artist BFL. I think I'll probably have to wait til most of my holiday knitting is completed before I can start (which of course gives me that much more time to waffle about yarns LOL) but I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's progress and yarn choices, etc.


Hello! Happy to be Here!

What a joy to be able to knit this fun cardigan along with other enthusiastic, creative knitters! Thanks to everyone who is joining and posting. This is going to make the knitting so much more fun!

I've already written several posts about my progress on my blog and in Ravelry about my Mr. Greenjeans, so I may end up repeating myself quite a bit. I thought I'd post some of the little tidbits I've learned along the way so far. Before I even started on my cardigan, I emailed the designer, Amy Swensen, for some fit details. I had some questions about positive vs. negative ease. Here's what she advised:

Here's what I'd recommend: To wear it closed, I'd go for 1-3 inches of ease. If you're going to wear it open, select a size closest to your actual bust measurement or a little smaller.

Hope this helps!

I decided to go with the size L. This cardigan has completely reinforced for me how much I love top-down sweaters. I love being able to try this on as I go.

I selected some Cascade 220 in Amethyst Heather from my stash for this project, even though it goes strongly against the "green" connotation in the pattern name. Here's some information about my swatching (cross-posted from my blog):

The swatching for Mr. Greenjeans went in a surprising direction. Usually I have to go at least one needle size up because I tend to be a bit of "tense" knitter. I swatched with size 9's, and it was WAY too loose. Size 8's gave me gauge...until I washed it. I couldn't believe how much that Cascade 220 relaxed with washing. It went from 4.5 stitches per inch to 4 stitches per inch. I swatched again with size 7's, and the gauge went from 5 stitches per inch to 4.5 stitches per inch with washing. Even the row gauge was right on! Wow, I can't believe what a difference washing/blocking makes.

I've been working on the cable and rib section for a couple of days now, and I've been doing the cables without a cable needle. This is the first time I've ever tried this technique, and I really love it. Amy gives really clear instructions on how to do it in the pattern, so if you've ever been tempted to try it, now is the perfect time!

I can't wait to see how everyone's sweater progresses! Good luck and happy knitting!

Thursday, September 27, 2007


Chan here, also in the yarn procurement stage of this project. I fear I won't actually cast on until the holiday knitting is behind me (read: 1/2008), and I am in search of a not-so-delicate-care, not-all-wool fiber for my creation. I'm waiting with baited breath to see what Cass picks (no pressure, hon!). However, there's always a chance my selfishness will win out and I'll cast on impatiently, and just bump a few holiday projects into 2008 for Mother's Day, birthdays, etc.

Hello! and Yarn?

I have to say this sounds like a fun group. I appreciate the invite! I'm glad to see that several of us don't have our yarn yet. I thought I had the yarn, but I couldn't get gauge with what I had. This Saturday, I'm going to my lys to shop around, and will bring the pattern with me.

I have a couple of questions, and would love to read your opinions. First, variegated or not? I'd love to use a pretty variegated yarn, that doesn't have major pooling issues--any suggestions? Second, what about using something different for the button band/collar? I'm thinking either a complementary color of the same yarn, like a solid if the main yarn is variegated, or perhaps a different yarn altogether. Would a different button band draw attention away from the pattern details?
Hi all, guess I should toss up a little intro and such. My name is Kayt, your fearless leader, ok can't sy fearless.. i have fear! When I first saw Mr. Greenjeans in this edition of Knitty i fell in love! just fell in love. I am yet to choose my yarn yet. I know i want something vergiated and probably green. I am waiting until I finish my 1st sweater ever. It is another Amy Swenson, Emerald, also a knitty pattern.

I am a stay at home mom of a very active 2 year old. So most of my knitting is done late night, in front of my tivo box, or david letterman.

I can't wait to see all of your works!

Also I want to have a contest or 2, but am not sure what kind of contest. :(
So drop me suggestions!


Hello Everyone,

My name is Paula and I am very excited to knit this sweater.

I am thinking about using cascade 220. I am going to my LYS and see if I can pick up a skein to do some gauge swatches.



YAY I'm so excited to see this KAL. I'm going to attempt to knit this on straight needles instead of circs. I have hand and wrist issues that keep me from using circs. I haven't decided on yarn yet. What's everyone else using?

Thanks for creating this KAL. :)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Welcome one and all!

We have all been drooling over this sweater... so why not knit it together? Everyone is welcome, as long as you have the ambition. So if you get stumped ask a question. Show off your work. Let us see the yarn you are using!

If you would like an invite to the blog please drop an email to

And don't forget..... HAVE FUN!