Sunday, November 11, 2007

Brownjeans done...Greenjeans midway

Finished my brown Greenjeans...took about a week knitting-wise, but then I forgot to order buttons and they shipped slower than walking, it seems so then of course procrastinated on washing/blocking...knew the drying would take 2 days...didn't get to it until the buttons had been here a few days. Oy. But I'm very pleased with it. Fits well. Liked it enough to immediately cast on #2 in the colorway I originally wanted but WEBS didn't have in stock. Decided to bite the bullet and pay full price for Londonberry to find the next day WEBS listed it so ordered from WEBS and frantically contacted first seller to cancel order and thankfully they hadn't processed it yet LOL the yarngods were on my side that day (love WEBS' discount...) The Londonberry photographed much brighter than it's deeper/richer in person...The Alaskan Twilight (brown) is showing obvious skein changes in the photo but it doesn't look like that in normal lighting. Hate flashes sometimes LOL

I will probably make yet another...want one in Fiesta Boomerang but I'll probably make a slight modification as I think I'd like the ribbing/cabling to start higher. In the 3x size, it seems to start much further down than in the smaller sizes, proportionately speaking. It's fine where it is but I think I want one with a more empire feel to it. The Londonberry one will have slightly longer sleeves but not much as I do like 3/4 length sleeves in general (I'm always pushing my sleeves up...comes from a childhood of having way too long arms (those grew first...was a weird lookin kid with a heck of a tennis serve due to ape arms LOL) and nothing ever being quite long enough so always pushing them up.

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