Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Finished, with a redone band

Edited: It took about 10 more episodes of Y&R to rip and reknit the button bands. I made them twice as wide, binding off on the 25th row, and used the rib and cable pattern instead of plain rib. That's why I'm editing this entry to put up new pictures. I'm leaving most of the other info about my version.

It took me a little more than 3 weeks. I knit it while watching Young and the Restless and the early news--it was my soap opera knit. I knit the small, 35", which measures about 30" in the cables, not counting the bands.

Modifications included longer sleeves (nearly 8" longer) and slightly longer cuffs (33 rows), longer body (by an inch, 1/2" above the cables, 1/2" in the cables) and the wider bands. The extra width in the bands improved the fit not only in the waist, but also in the collar and sleeves caps. Actually, I think the cabling had a lot to do with the collar and sleeves cap fitting better around my neck and shoulders.

I noticed that in the original version, the narrower bands closely followed the shape of the bodice, producing a noticeable "point" where the increases stop and looking funny when the sweater isn't buttoned. The wider cabled bands help even out that curve and make the sweater hang better unbuttoned--

I used Lonesome Stone handyed yarn, alpaca/wool blend; size 6 and 7 needles. I got gauge. More pictures here.

Although I'm happier with the looser fit, I still like the original version too. The deep v-neck is kinda snazzy, (see the photo below).

I wore this sweater several times already, and I really like it. It's warm, comfortable, and flattering.

I'm thinking about knitting it again. It was a fun knit. Thanks for K'ing a Long.


Suna said...

Well, I think it's lovely, and actually I am pretty sure that is how the front is supposed to look. Mine is bigger and now I think I went overboard and made it a bit too oversized. In fact, if I make it again (and I may!) I will aim more for the fit you got.

It sure looks nice on you.

loopette said...

I love your sweater! The reworked and redesigned band is better than the original version. Kudos to you! It looks fabulous on you, too.