Monday, October 15, 2007

Finally casting on

Got my yarn finally...decided on Cascade 220 Handpaints in Alaskan Twilight (color 9932) which is a subtle but pretty bunch of deep browns and plums. Did a swatch, found my gauge, cast on. It occurred to me I'd never used Cascade 220 for garment knitting before...only felting where I'd used huge needles and 2 strands...and I have to say I really like this yarn...nice sponginess to it making for a nice relaxing knitting experience. This color wasn't my first choice but of my top 3, the color WEBS had in stock and I wanted that discount LOL but I was bad tonight and ordered my first choice color after swatching this stuff and heck with the discount because I know I'll want to knit another one of these and I have to have that color...

No pics yet...just about 1 1/2 inches into it...and as I'm making the largest size, had to figure out the known mistake that's been posted elsewhere...the cast-on number for the largest size is off by 2 stitches.

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