Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Greetings, Fellow Greenjeans Fans

Hi! I'm Suna, in Austin/Round Rock, Texas. I just found this blog on Ravelry and am glad to find you all! I started my sweater this weekend using Cascade 220 hand paints in a very dark red/black combination. It looks like burning embers to me.

My gauge came out smaller than I expected (I did do a swatch, so who knows what went wrong), so I did an extra repeat of the pattern before breaking for the armholes. Now I just hope I didn't make it too big! I am making size M, because I always make my top-down sweaters too big, and I want to avoid that.

This is exactly the thing I want to wear this winter in my cold, cold office, and it will look so nice with all my red and black stuff. And with no seams and pretty cables, I fell in love with the pattern. I guess you all did, too! Looking forward to reading all of your posts and seeing your WIPs!

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