Monday, October 22, 2007

Finished, but not quite done

Mr. Greenjeans in Red, blocking
Originally uploaded by sunasak
Just a brief note to say I did finally finish my Mr. Greenjeans in red yesterday. Woo! It is now blocking, which is why it is so dark in the photo--it's wet. I think it is going to be PERFECT if I can find the perfect button! I hope so, because here in Texas we are finally having a cool spell, so I could wear it!

Modifications: I did the sleeve edges in just cables, without the stockinette stitch edge. Why? Not really sure, but I think it makes the cuff a little narrower. The sleeves are full lengthy too. I also made the bottom border a little longer. My sleeve decreases are "interesting" but they work. I am short, so had to go "faster" than the instructions said in order to get to 60 stitches in time.

I will post a photo of the sweater ON me in the next day or two! Again, I am really enjoying the photos and posts, so keep them coming!

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