Sunday, October 7, 2007

Length Questions

I finished the body of my Mr. Green Jeans yesterday, and I have some questions to pose to everyone about length. I'm about 5'4" but pretty busty, so I added a half inch to the stockinette portion of the body because I didn't want the stitch transition to hit too high. In doing the cable and rib portion, I decided to add another half inch to lengthen the body. When I try it on, I'm having a tough time figuring out how it's really going to hit because the stockinette sections curls so much and the cable and rib portion draws up so much. I'm seriously considering picking out the cast-off edge of the body and adding length after I've finished the sleeves. Is anyone else adding length to their cardigan? If so, how much and how does that compare to your overall height?

I'm also thinking about making the sleeves longer. Has anyone else done that?

Off to start Magic Looping the sleeves!

Edited to add: I'm making size L.


Luni said...

The length ranges from 19" to 26", depending on which size you're making (did you say which size?). I'm about 5'5", and making size small. The suggested length of ~21" will just come to the waistband of my lowest cut jeans. I'm ok with that. If I wanted it longer, I wouldn't go longer than 22", so an inch longer than that suggested for your size should be fine. I'm definitely making the sleeves longer.

Suna said...

I am petite, so I think the length will be OK for me, but I will make the sleeves go to the edge of my wrist. Of course, with my being petite, the size called for may be just right.

Anne said...

I'm making the second to the smallest size but have the same "busty" issues.

I lengthened the stockinette part by 3 inches and then knit the overall length to 2 inches more than called for in the size I'm making.

I shortened the sleeves to elbow length. JMO but a short, deep v-neck cardigan with only one button (i.e. not really for cold weather wearing) looked "lopsided" to me with the long sleeves.

shizzknits said...

I'm having this issue too....I am also busty so added some length to the stockinette portion. Then I did the cabled portion as called for in the pattern...and it seems soooo short! I ended up picking out my castoff edge last night and am going to add more repeats of the cable. Not sure how much tho!