Saturday, October 6, 2007

Got yarn, got gauge for GJ

Considering that the yarn I'd planned to use was too heavy a worsted, and the yarn I bought is too light, I'm quite happy that I got gauge with my second choice.

I went to my lys to find hand-painted, not-too-itchy, wool yarn. Ha. Ha again. After going over all the too-scratchy, not-enough in the colorway, who-would-knit-anything-that-color, yarn, I came up with an acceptable colorway. Painted Desert, by Lonesome Stone. I like it well enough, and am relieved that I got the right gauge by just going up one needle size.

On the plus side, it is a locally (Colorado) dyed yarn. It is an alpaca/wool blend, so not too scratchy. I had 20% off coupons for both hanks. I like the fabric I'm getting, even after I washed the swatch. Now all I have to do is cast on! :)


Katherine said...

Ooo, I have some of that stuff - I'm making a BSJ out of one skein. It's beautiful!

Suna said...

That is lovely yarn and I think it will look great on the sweater, too.