Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Mr Not Greenjeans

I say that because I am obviously not doing mine in any shade of green. I used to have a pair of green jeans and I got tired of being referred to as "Mrs. Greenjeans", so the name just gives me the shudders! I am making mine in purple Denim Tweed Aran from Debbie Bliss, right photo is more true.

I am making some modifications to make the design work in my yarn and for my preferences. First off is the increases. I am not a fan of visible increases so I am making mine lifted with mirrored increases. I am using a 6 row cable instead of the four due to the darkness of the yarn. The 4 row just got lost. And I will add the cable to the button band for a bit of dash.

I am also knitting this along with a friend in town, she is using Quattro 220 in a gorgeous shade of turq flavor.


Suna said...

I like those increases you use--that is my usual method for top-down sweaters, too. It looks so neat and precise.

I hope your pictures show up soon--all I see are Xs. I want to see your yarn!

Luni said...

I'm glad you're altering the button band. It is the one feature of the pattern I am not crazy about.
I can't see your pics either.